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Elizabeth Seton....Dear Diary, I found my faith

Dear Diary,

How are you? I hope that you are doing fine. I believe that I told you before how I am the Cleveland Non-Fiction Books Examiner. I recently read Educator and religious order foundress Elizabeth Ann Seton's diary. Mrs. Seton wrote about her immense faith in God but also her personal struggle with her Episcopalian faith. After the death of her husband in 1803 and as a result of events after this tragedy; Mrs. Seton decided to become a member of the Catholic faith.

Many of her family members and friends opposed her conversion. They felt that she was turning her back on her family and everything that she had been raised to believe and to live. However, Mrs. Seton felt God's spirit moving her toward the Catholic faith. Later on, she became a teacher amongst the poor and homeless. She also co-founded a religious order devoted to helping the marginalized; American Sisters of Charity.

I imagine that many people have had an experience where their family and friends did not agree with what they were doing, Diary. I hope that there was a way that Elizabeth Seton and her family and friends could still get along and love each other. Sometimes, these types of things tear families and friendships apart. In her diary, it sometimes appears that her family is still getting along. Other times, it appears that there is some sadness there. I hope that everything worked out for the best, Diary.

Oh, what is the book that includes much of her diary called? It is Elizabeth Seton: Selected Writings edited by Ellin Kelly and Annabelle Melville. It was published under The Sources of American Spirituality Series.

Well, I have to go and read some more books and see a museum or two as well. Take Care, Diary.

All the Best

Caroline Koepke

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