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Elizabeth Poles The Woman in Black

The mystery Woman in Black; everyone wants to know; what is she doing, why is she doing it, and what is her story. They follow her like they did Forest Gump; seeking wisdom to their sorrow and hurt. Forest and The Woman in Black both have One of two answers to give to their followers. - 1) Why am I doing this? "I've come this far; I might as well keep going". One day Forest just decided to go for a walk; just maybe The woman in Black just decided to go for a walk and like Forest, just kept going. or 2) "I'm tired; I think I'll go home now". When Forest had run enough to get tired and had come to the end of his thoughts; he turned around suddenly and announced that he was tired and was going home. Just like that he was done running. Whatever The Woman in Black's reasons for her journey; when she has achieved it, when she is tired; she will go home. Then all the people say; "Now what'll we do"? What has been learned of the mysterious Woman in Black thus far is that her name is allegedly Elizabeth Poles and she is a Veteran of the U.S. Military, She recently lost spouse and father in close proximity of time to each other, and she is a mother of at least two children of unknown age. Follow The Woman in Black on her Journey at - Maybe like some say; she has finally reached her destination in West Virginia, or maybe like Forest Gump; she will continue onward. Whichever the case may be; if you see her offer some nourishment, rest, or kindness. She may or may not accept it, she has accepted before but mostly she has graciously and politely declined. Two things are certain; she is harming no one, and she is inspiring millions. God Speed Elizabeth Poles Woman in Black!