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Elizabeth Hurley visits Dallas and Walgreens evicts Veteran with service dog

Elizabeth Hurley visits Neiman-Marcus in Dallas for Estee Lauder boutique opening.
Elizabeth Hurley visits Neiman-Marcus in Dallas for Estee Lauder boutique opening.
Photo by Cooper Neill

The lovely actress and model Elizabeth Hurley made a quick trip to Dallas on Thursday to promote the new Estee Lauder boutique at Neiman-Marcus. Hurley has almost a half-million people following her on Twitter and kept everyone apprised of her travel plans and visit ranging from:

Goodbye England, Dallas here I come. YEEHAA

Hello Dallas! I spent 4 months here shooting a movie way back. Great to be here again.

Good bye, Dallas. Thanks @neimanmarcus @EsteeLauder for a fabulous trip. Hope to be back soon

Hurley was on the overnight flight back home to London and attending a read-through for her series "The Royals" on Friday and today attended the races at Ascot. Now that, is a true jet-setting lifestyle!


On Thursday, Christopher Goodson was in a Walgreens store on Galloway Avenue in Mesquite when he was asked to leave by the manager in spite of being shown the dog’s special tag and identification card. Goodson served honorably with the Marines in Afghanistan and, like hundreds of veterans, is suffering from PTSD for which he has a service dog.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, service dogs are not required to wear a special vest in order to be in compliance. Any business that wonders about the validity of an animal’s presence should ask if it is a service animal and what is it trained to do.

Goodson’s story has reached the mainstream media and current and retired military from around the country are threatening to boycott Walgreens; the chain store is in crisis management to assure people that their stores do welcome service animals and are assuring the community that the personnel in the Mesquite store receive ample training to understand the types of animals allowed inside.


Hometown girl Selena Gomez is breathing a small sigh of relief after a stalker has been ordered to undergo psychological evaluation and he must stay away from her and her home for at least 10 years. Her personal life has also had an upturn in that her on again / off again relationship with Justin Bieber appears to be firmly back on. Hopefully, the two have matured a bit and can make things work!