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Elizabeth Fuentes Ortis-Gilbert Ortiz: Redwood City, poison milkshake timeline

Jonathan Ortiz, Gilbert Ortiz, Elizabeth Ortiz
Jonathan Ortiz, Gilbert Ortiz, Elizabeth Ortiz

Elizabeth Ortiz aka Elizabeth Fuentes Ortiz of Redwood City was a Mexican-American woman who was arrested for trying to kill her husband Gilbert Ortiz with a poisoned milkshake in California in 1992. After several years on the run, she was apprehended in Mexico and brought back to the United States. She is currently incarcerated.

Gilbert Ortiz Milkshake Poisoning Case Details: In 1992, Gilbert Ortiz, a Mexican-American man, was married to Elizabeth Ortiz. The couple lived in Redwood City in California. According to police records, Gilbert Ortiz fell sick and complained of stomach pains in the break room at his job. Coworkers discovered that Gilbert Ortiz was ill and called 911. When the medics arrived, Ortiz stated that he had ingested a protein shake given to him by a friend. The medics transported Gilbert Ortiz to the hospital where he fell into a coma for 11 days.

On the day Gilbert Ortiz regained consciousness, he told the doctors that his wife Elizabeth had given him a protein shake to help him gain muscle weight. After a nurse contacted police, Elizabeth Ortiz made up a story and vanished with her 2-year-old son, Jonathan.

Elizabeth Ortiz was on the run for 8 years before she was caught in Mexico. A jury found her guilty of attempted murder and sentenced her to life in prison. Jonathan Ortiz, 10, was returned to his father's custody in the states. Even after he was returned to his father, Jonathan continued to have problems throughout his teens, partially because he blamed his father for his mother's imprisonment.

Elizabeth Fuentes Ortiz lost a bid for parole in 2010. Jonathan Ortiz was jailed in 2010 and 2011 for stabbing and beating his father. He was sentenced to one year in jail, with four years probation, according to NBC Bay Area News.