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Elizabeth Edwards to meet alleged love child

Elizabeth Edwards has stuck by her husbands side throughout all the controversy.
Elizabeth Edwards has stuck by her husbands side throughout all the controversy.
Photo: AP/ Michael Dwyer

     John Edwards has possibly been in the news more now than during his presidential run, and this time his wife, Elizabeth Edwards joins in the headlines. According to the National Enquirer, Elizabeth wants to meet Frances, the alleged love child of husband John, and Rielle Hunter. Elizabeth is also urging the former presidential candidate to pay the nearly $18,000 in support that Rielle is requesting.

The pricey bill includes high-end demands such as $800 month for eating out, $400 a month for “club dues and memberships” and $1,200 a month for a security guard.

The Enquirer stated that the meeting between Elizabeth and Frances, who turns two in Feb., will take place “over the next few weeks.”

The Enquirer quoted a close source saying, “Despite her anger at Rielle, who she’s painted as a stalker and a homewrecker, Elizabeth knows Frances didn’t bring any of this about.” The mother of three has a soft spot for Frances and breaks down in tear when she talks about her. She also realizes how important it is for a child to have a father in their life.

While John has never admitted to fathering a love child with the one-time staffer, legal documents, which surfaced in December, suggest that he is the father. The document includes an eight-page “Family Part Case information Statement” listing Rielle as the plaintiff and John as the defendant. According to the Enquirer, the document identifies custody, parenting time, and child support as the issues in dispute and names Frances as the child from the relationship.

The paperwork was prepared by Hunter’s attorney, Frank Louis. At the very least, it establishes that John is responsible for the child, and should have to support the two.

The Enquirer quoted the source of saying, “As much as (Elizabeth) hates that John has a second family, she can’t stand the idea of Rielle going public with their dirty laundry in court.” What else could they be hiding? 

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  • Pat, Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner 5 years ago

    I can't help but wonder how many are really shocked that he is the father and lied about it.

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