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Elizabeth De Razzo talks "Eastbound and Down" on heels of the 3 season finale

Elizabeth De Razzo shines as Maria on "Eastbound and Down"

The HBO hit series "Eastbound and Down" is ready for its third season final and with a cavalcade of stars on the show; once actress is making waves as a breakout star.

Elizabeth De Razzo, who plays Maria on the show, jumped in with both feet into acting, moving to Hollywood with no formal training. Since then, she has had guest roles on "The West Wing", "E.R.", and "Cold Case". Being a part of dramas for most of her career; she wasn't immediately interested in trying out for "Eastbound and Down."

"I almost didn't go because I was so terrified of comedy," Razzo admitted. "I didn’t have timing. I never did improv before. I was really, really afraid. My agents said 'Just do to the auditions - it's fine."

"They gave me the premise and I just went with it. I was fortunate to be doing with scene with Steve Little and he was awesome and amazing. It worked and here I am."

De Razzo still has some reservations about doing comedy; however.

"I saw have more people following me on twitter; I was telling friends 'now I feel the pressure of being funny. I'm so not funny. I just say really dumb things at the wrong time.'"

It doesn't show, as many people are enjoying her improved parts. De Razzo is getting more confident this season.

"There was this scene this season where I go off of him in Spanish. That was all me going off on a rant."

This season, De Razzo has had a great cast to work off of, including guest stars Lily Tomilin and Don Johnson. She states that the education she had gotten from the series regulars have been a class in improv.

"How can you not learn from them? You have Danny McBride, Steve Little, John Hawk, Katie Nixon, Jennifer Irwim - the list goes on and on."

"I learned so much and I am so lucky."

"Eastbound and Down's" season finale airs this Sunday on HBO on Billing's Optimum cable. Past episodes from the third season are also available On-Demand.


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