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Elizabeth Banks voices Wyldstyle in hit 'Lego' movie

Elizabeth Banks provides the voice of Wyldstyle in "The Lego Movie."
Elizabeth Banks provides the voice of Wyldstyle in "The Lego Movie."
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Elizabeth Banks plays a lot of strong willed women in TV and film roles, but none as tough as Wyldstyle, a tech savvy fighter and master builder in the animated hit “The Lego Movie.”

A wife and mother of two young sons, Banks couldn’t resist the opportunity to be part of the action-packed CGI-animated feature film starring the popular kids’ toys as action heroes.

The 40-year-old actress, best known for her work in “The Hunger Games” movies, recently spoke about providing the voice of Wyldstyle (whose real name is Lucy) for the film and what motivated her to want to be part of the toy-centric film, which has become an international box office hit.

Q: Are your kids excited about the movie?

Banks: At this point my nearly three-year-old son calls my mini-figure Wyldstyle “Mommy-Lego,” and I let him think that.

Q: What is your earliest memory of Legos?

Banks: My earliest memory is grabbing them from my sisters. “No! I’m playing with them!”. I was very bossy about it. Now, I have two young sons and I like to build things. I’ll admit that. I’ll spend time with my sons on the floor and build something cool and present it to them and they will immediately smash it. That’s part of their process.

Q: Did you have any backstory to work with or did you develop one?

Banks: I felt that Wyldstyle really wanted to feel special in her life and isn’t quite sure what her place in the world is. Her real name is Lucy. Wyldstyle is the personality that she takes on so that she can date Batman basically. She’s dark and brooding in hoodies and too cool for school. And through the course of the movie she realizes that he is just a narcissistic jerk and she can do better. I love that. She has a lot going on in the movie.

Q: Was it nice to be able to go in and record your voice without having to get all dressed up and made up?

Banks: That was the best thing about it. The best thing, honestly, is that the girls on a movie set have to be there two and a half hours before the boys show up. So sleeping in was great and not caring about hair and make-up was great. In the recording booth, I do most of the recordings barefoot for two reasons. You’re not allowed to make any other noises. You can’t wear a watch that goes “tick tick tick” because they hear everything. Then I also felt very grounded to bounce around and jump around. It’s an action movie and we had to vocalize all the movement. It’s a good workout actually.

Q: Do you see any parallels between your “Hunger Games” Effie Trinket character and Wyldstyle in this movie?

Banks: Well, they both have great hair and cool costume changes.

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