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Elizabeth Banks and ‘Walk of Shame’ production being sued

Elizabeth Banks and ‘Walk of Shame’ production being sued
Elizabeth Banks and ‘Walk of Shame’ production being sued
Photo by Skip Bolen

Success tends to follow fan favorite Elizabeth Banks, but that might be coming to a halt. Not only because her latest work, "Walk of Shame," didn't amuse critics and audiences, but on Friday, Cinemablend reports that the Banks, along with the producers of “Walk Of Shame,” are being sued by Dan Rosen. Rosen claims that the concept of the film was stolen from him.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story, Rosen, a screenwriter, is putting together a case, stating that he gave Banks the script to “Walk of Shame” back in 2007. “He’s filed the case through his production company, ironically called Shame on You Production,” the source writes.

According to Rosen, he gave Banks a script titled “Darci’s Walk of Shame” in hopes that she would want to star in the film. Rosen claims that he met up with Banks and her husband Max Handelman and that they both showed interest after a three hour long meeting. He states that the two never returned his script or got back to him with an answer.

Rosen’s lawsuit claims copyright infringement and breach of an implied-of-fact contract. “Essentially this means that even though Banks and Handelman never contacted him, their meeting should have suggested Rosen should have been paid if they ever decided to make a movie based on his idea,” the source reports.

Could this all be a coincidence? The lawsuit will advance if Rosen can prove that the similarities in his script and “Walk of Shame” are spot-on, and if he did in fact meet up with Banks and Handelman.

In a statement, Lakeshort Entertainment declares, “Lakeshore developed ‘Walk of Shame’ independently, prior to casting Elizabeth Banks. We believe this claim is meritless.” An excerpt from the lawsuit reads that in both Rosen’s script and the film, a prudent blonde woman in her 30s is featured. She lives in a big city and is going through a breakup. After getting drunk, she spends a one-nighter with a younger man she just met.