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Elizabeth Arden ceramide capsules for youth and healthy glow

Ceramide capsules
Elizabeth Arden

Find Elizabeth Arden's old fashioned ceramide capsules at our BonTon or another online source to begin a regimen of golden serum for youthful skin. Every ceramide capsule when applied adds a silky smooth layer of ceramide that seeps into all the layers of your skin and keeps your face firm and also magically reduces wrinkles. It is safe and able to be used around the eyes, but better is the Elizabeth Arden ceramide for eye area capsules instead.

Ceramide keeps skin cells life shorter and healthier and is extremely good for repairing damaged nerve tissue. It also keeps your collagen supported. When the ceramide is added to your daily routine, your skin will feel many, many times more youthful and stands up to daily stressors more strongly.

You should apply the ceramide capsules daily in the morning and at night for maximum effect onto your face, neck, and décolletage. The effects benefit: youthful appearance, less lines and wrinkles, better tone, less stress, radiant glow, softer and smoother skin.

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