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Elite Dance Studio Las Vegas USA Dance Alzheimer's Association Dance Fundraiser

Located at 6315 Rainbow Blvd Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV 89118. Phone Mariusz and Theresa Zakrzewski at 702-586-2700. New charm and class added to the Las Vegas skyline.
Located at 6315 Rainbow Blvd Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV 89118. Phone Mariusz and Theresa Zakrzewski at 702-586-2700. New charm and class added to the Las Vegas skyline.
photo by Thomas Stark: Elite Dance Studio

A brain in motion stays in motion. By doing the simple steps laid out in ballroom dancing, the brain can focus and have its work out to continue working effectively. On June 7, 2014, Elite Dance Studio hosted USA Dance's Alzheimer's Association Dance Fundraiser. This wonderful studio of class opened it's doors to the public last month.

Performing in Tango spotlight performance
photo by Thomas Stark: performed by Mariusz Zakrzewski and Lynnsay Ray

This studio redefines class and eloquent dance instruction. Owners Theresa and Mariusz Zakrzewski will be happy to show you the steps. Theresa told me they have weekly dance parties on Thursday nights at twelve dollars for non-members. They offer many dance packages which one can learn many skills from. They offer beginner level through advanced in all dances: American Tango, Argentina Tango, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Hustle, Rumba, Salsa, Merengue, Hustle, Samba, and many more styles. They offer weekly group lessons as well as private lessons.

Upon entering the studio, one may be greeted with a warm reception from Annetta Olson or Anush Boyajian. The first striking thing upon entering is all of the dance floor space at 7,500 sq feet. There are mirrors but not on every wall. Some studios put mirrors on every wall to make it look as if there is more space. Here there is plenty of space to do a quick step many times over and not bump into someone just when getting some momentum. The lounge area is a spacious area divided from the dance floor with a crystal curtain. This also creates on a great ambiance while dancing in the dark. There are highlighted spot lights which drop to the floor while dancing to the music. When instructors teach dance, the overhead lights come on to see every step.

On this night at 7:30PM, Mariusz taught a new American Tango dance move with instructor Lynnsay Ray. Men went to one side and women to the other side. Each learned what they needed to complete the move by copying the pattern. Then hand in hand woman met with man to complete the ensemble. The instruction was done with an 8 count, instructed male moves by Mariusz, and no music.

Then there was plenty of time to rehearse this with many American Tango songs as well as a mix of all the ballroom dances. An hour later at 9:00PM, Mariusz and Lynnsay took to the floor to perform a special spotlight Tango performance which was simply magical. Sweeping across the floor, they illustrated to what level the Tango could be taken from promenade to curtsey. This was followed by more dancing of social mixed dances amongst attendees. Then prizes were given from a raffle ranging from dinners for 2 to a free month of dance lessons at Elite Dance Studio. Some very lucky people in attendance won some great things, but, everyone wins when getting to dance with such great people in such a great place. The main goal of the night was to achieve one thousand dollars in funds to go toward Alzheimers research and they did just that. Mariusz and Theresa Zakrzewski of Elite Dance Studio can be contacted at 702-586-2700. Also feel free to contact David Burt of USA Dance Chapter #4038 at 702-682-0257 for other local ballroom dances in the Las Vegas area.

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