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Elisabeth Moss Golden Globes: Actress flips off camera, curses in speech (Photo)

Golden Globe winner Elisabeth Moss flipped off the camera on the red carpet Sunday evening, and later cursed in her acceptance speech on stage. Offensive, or cute?
Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images

Golden Globes 2014 winner Elisabeth Moss flipped the bird to millions of "E! Live from the Red Carpet" viewers Sunday night on the Golden Globes red carpet, and people actually noticed!

Everyone from People magazine to ordinary fans flocked to Twitter to talk about it on Jan. 12., and reaction was mostly positive. " Elisabeth Moss is adorable!" gushed one tweeter. Another posted, "Elizabeth Moss, your middle finger speaks for us all."

Elisabeth Moss Golden Globes: 'Top of the Lake' Actress Gives The Finger to E! Mani-Cam on Live TV

The "Top of the Lake" star and "Mad Men" actress was in the middle of being interviewed by Giuliana Rancic when Rancic asked Moss if she would show off her manicure and rings inside the E! mani-cam manicure display box set up to get crisp, in-focus close-ups of stars' jewelry and fingernails.

"There's something I've always wanted to do," Moss chuckled as she tentatively placed her hand in the box before pulling it back a little. "But I won't."

"Go ahead," prodded the E! host with an innocent smile. "[This is airing] live in 160 countries right now!"

Next came the "adorable" Elisabeth Moss Golden Globes middle finger seen round the world. One cute brunette actress flipped off the E! mani-cam, and the whole world imploded...mostly with giggles, it would seem. (How could Giuliana not have seen that coming?!) Moss quickly flashed her raised middle finger one more time before wrapping up her interview, fairly amused with herself and with Rancic not knowing what to do but laugh.

Elisabeth Moss Golden Globes: After Flipping the Bird, Actress's Speech Gets Bleeped

Moss went on to win Best Actress in a Miniseries later in the evening for "Top of the Lake," and the first words she uttered when she stepped up to the microphone were "Holy sh--t," so there seemed to be a theme going for the decidedly cheeky actress Sunday night.

Were you offended that Moss flipped off the mani-cam on live television and cussed in her acceptance speech, or did you find it totes adorbs like everyone on Twitter? Tell us below!

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