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Elisabeth Moss flips off the Mani Cam showing off her Golden Globe manicure

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Elisabeth Moss had the red carpet talking after her antics at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday. As everyone knows the opportunity to see the stars and what they wear from head to toe is important and the fingernail art has become increasingly popular. Well, Moss brought fingernail art to a whole new level on Sunday.

While the actress was showing off her fingernail art, the star seemed to have a perfect live moment where she flipped off the camera. Giuliana Rancic looked quite surprise at the live shot and the giggling host attracted the attention of the red carpet attendees as everyone wanted to know what was all the commotion at one end of the red carpet.

As most people do know live television is unsuspecting on so many levels. With such a simple gesture it can become a pop culture moment that people remember. It also has the handlers of the stars on the red carpet reminding their clients not to act in such a ridiculous manner. While it might have worked for Elisabeth Moss, it surely would seem like a copycat if other celebrities tried it too.

Take a look at the photo of Elisabeth Moss (almost) flipping off the mani cam. For a full action video, check out the link here and remember that the gesture is not safe for work.