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Elisabeth Hasselbeck shocked about Sherri Shepherd news

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

News is out that Sherri Sheperd and Jenny McCarthy will both be leaving the show "The View." On Friday, US Magazine shared the news that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is actually shocked by this news about Sherri. She was on the show with her and just didn't see this one coming. She hasn't talked to her in person about it though.

Elisabeth spoke out saying, "I was shocked, in some ways. I'm sure. Even if you think that might happen one day, I'm sure it would come across to be a shock." These two have stayed very close even though Elisabeth Hasselbeck left the show she has stayed very close to Sherri. These two are still great friends.

Sherri once spoke out about her amazing friendship with Elisabeth and said, "We're, like, attached at the hip. We're like the chocolate and vanilla...Oh, I'm gonna be here all the time." Elisabeth was part of her wedding party as well. These two women found an amazing friendship with each other. It is great to see how close they have stayed with each other even though Elisabeth left the show.

Once Jenny McCarthy found out the news that Sherri Sheperd was leaving the show for sure she made the decision to leave as well. She is busy planning a wedding with new fiance Donnie Whalberg and is moving on with her life as well. Fans will miss seeing both of these girls on "The View." It is still unknown who will end up taking their places at the table on this talk show.

"The View" airs a new episode every day. It is a big job to take on for anybody. A few rumors say that Andi Dorfman of "The Bachelorette" could end up on this show but only time will tell.

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