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Elisabeth Hasselbeck paints Rosie O'Donnell tyrant vying for helm on 'The View'

When Elisabeth Hasselbeck speaks, people listen as this energetic woman shoots from the hip and doesn’t sugar coat a thing, especially her thoughts on Rosie O’Donnell. When “Fox and Friends” called her Wednesday morning while she was on vacation from her morning anchor job on the show, she slammed Rosie O’Donnell, as reported on Fox News July 9.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck not at all surprised if Rosie O'Donnell hops back on "The View."
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Hasselbeck who joined “Fox and Friends” after appearing as a co-host on “The View” for ten years had a lot to say about Rosie O’Donnell’s “rumored” return to “The View.” To set the stage before the studio placed their morning call into their vacationing co-host, “Fox and Friends” showed a clip where Hasselbeck and O’Donnell went at each other on “The View” from a while back.

It is called the infamous "cat fight" over and over again online. It can be seen on the video above. This displays the animosity between the two women and it is a good foundation to build for the audience before they were going to take in what Hasselbeck was about to say about her former co-host.

It doesn’t sound as if Hasselbeck believes that Rosie’s return to “The View” is a rumor. Listening to her it sounds as if she believes that it is pretty much a done deal and it has been for some time.

Hasselbeck went as far as saying that Barbara Walters’ “good-bye” show was really a Rosie “hello” show. “I do believe this has been in the works for a long, long time,” Hasselbeck told her “Fox & Friends” co-hosts via the phone.

The New York Daily News reports that Hasselbeck made her point with saying, “Mark my words, this is just the beginning… again.” She also let her co-hosts on “Fox and Friends” hear right off the bat how she felt about the news conveying the probability of Rosie regaining her seat on “The View.”

She said “What can ruin a vacation more than to hear news like this.” Then she said “Talk about not securing the border.” She also let her fans know that she was home making pancakes with her kids!

It is more than apparent that there is no love lost between Hasselbeck and O'Donnell. This is one area where it looks as if she couldn’t agree more with Donald Trump. He is also someone who is not a fan of the funny woman rumored to be the new-old co-host of “The View.”

Hasselbeck joined her former co-hosts for the May TV special that was a farewell show for Barbara Walters. She said that she learned from Rosie that “she had a hand in producing the episode.” This shocked her after the way Rosie exited the show.

Then Hasselbeck said she was shocked at the ease O’Donnell displayed around the co-hosts. She also said that “you would think that the woman who left the way that she did would be producing [Walters’] goodbye show?”

That’s when Hasselbeck said “Here’s the shocker: It was actually [O’Donnell’s] hello show.” If you remember back to O’Donnell’s year on “The View” she accused Hasselbeck with failing to defend her against conservative critics. The heated argument continued live on-air until Joy Behar, another co-host on “The View,” told the director to go to a commercial.

Hasselbeck also said about O’Donnell:

“I know Rosie very well. We worked quite closely,” Hasselbeck said. “Talk about not securing the border. Here in comes to ‘The View’ the very woman who spit in the face of our military, spit in the face of her own network and really in the face of a person who stood by her and had civilized debates for the time that she was there.”

Let’s face it, when Hasselbeck left the show, she left “The View” with only one view between the women sitting there. When she was on the show, she brought in another view, which made for some excellent conversations among the ladies of this talk show.

Currently “The View” has only Whoopi Goldberg’s view because she is the only co-host that has agreed to come back. Hasselbeck predicts some tension popping up between Rosie and Whoopi if Rosie does indeed join the show again.

Hasselbeck spoke about the hierarchy of the co-hosts on "The View" and how the show is going to look if it does boil down to Rosie and Whoopi working together:

“Anybody who is going to be in that seat… will have to be fully approved by Rosie,” Hasselbeck said. “Whoopi is not going to let anybody control her… She is the leader on that show. I am going to be very interested to see how that goes.”

Hasselbeck was always interesting on “The View,” but she really showcased her talents when she came to “Fox and Friends.” Sitting on the curvy couch between Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade weekday mornings, there’s genuine mutual respect and friendship between the trio.

You don’t get that underlying electrical current now and then where you are second guessing the relationships, which was a constant on "The View." Do they like each other or is this just an act? This is what you might find yourself thinking when watching the ladies of "The View."

The "Fox and Friends" trio complement each other and yes, they all have different views. The respect that they award each other while having a difference of opinion doesn’t give you angst while watching the discussions. Hasselbeck was excellent at standing up to Rosie’s bullying on the show, but that is not something she should have to do, ward of bullies.

She has found a great fit at “Fox and Friends,” making her days on “The View” look like some type of penance she needed to do before she was given a seat among the true professionals. After watching that clip of Rosie and Elisabeth going at it on "The View," you realize that there is such a touch of class surrounding Hasselbeck, which she brought to the show.

With Rosie joining back up it would almost be appropriate to create a new set for "The View." The old set had some classy women donning the stage. Maybe they need to go somewhere to create a set that will better spotlight the new type of show this is likely to become with Rosie at the helm, how about inside a bowling alley?

Rosie has her moments of being funny, but she also carries things a bit too far more often than not. When she gets mad, she spits tacks and there's no hiding her anger. She also does seem to need things to go her way and to be seen her way, which makes it hard for a compromise when one is needed. Will she really join back up with "The View?" Elisabeth Hasselbeck sure seems to think so!

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