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Elin Nordegren's latest demands in the final negotiations of the Tiger Woods divorce


Elin Nordegren has made some new demands in the divorce
settlement she's requesting in the Tiger Woods divorce.
Photo:  AP file

As negotiations in the Tiger Woods divorce enter the final phase, Elin Nordegren has added some new demands to the divorce settlement she is requesting from Tiger Woods.

Who Got What in the Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Divorce Settlement

Don’t Bring Your Female Companions Around Our Children

Elin Nordegren wants to avoid having their children exposed to nightclub hostesses, cocktail waitresses and porn stars, as a significant number of Tiger’s alleged mistresses proved to be. See See Elin Nordegren, Like Most Betrayed Wives Today, Checked Out Her Husband’s Mistresses Online

To that end, Elin is demanding that Tiger not expose their children to any of his future female companions, “unless he is married to said person.” See Elin Nordegren’s New Divorce Demand from Tiger Woods - Keep Your Women Away from Our Kids

Elin Wants the $80 million Jupiter Island Estate

Tiger is demanding that the children’s primary residence be in the United States, so he can spend as much time as possible, and continue to be a part of their lives.

Elin is demanding that Tiger include his prized possession - the $80 million Jupiter Island oceanfront estate in Florida -- as part of the divorce settlement, if he wants her to establish her primary residence in the United States.

The new mansion which Elin originally helped design is almost complete.

Elin Wants the Children to Spend Time in Sweden

In the early negotiations, there were rumors that Elin Nordegren wanted take the couple’s two children, and return to Sweden to live. See Elin Nordegren – Who is She? And What is Her Claim to Fame Other than Being Tiger Wood’s Wife

It appears that she is no longer pursuing this option of establishing her and the children’s primary residence in another country. But Elin still wants the children to spend most of their time in her native Sweden.

Child Custody Issues Are the Major Sticking Point

Despite the amount of money Elin Nordegren is demanding from Tiger Woods ($750 million), money does not seem to be a major issue in the Tiger Woods – Elin Nordegren divorce. See Elin Nordegren is About to Teach Tiger Woods a $750 Million Infidelity Lesson

Child custody is the major sticking point in the negotiation of the final divorce settlement,

It seems that Tiger is prepared to be financially generous, as long as his children can continue to be a part of his life.

Money Is Not a Real Issue for Tiger Woods

Money does not appear to be a priority for Tiger Woods in this divorce. Despite Elin’s outrageous demand for $750 million, there haven’t been any reports that Tiger is balking at handing over that amount. See Elin Nordegren’s Revenge - $750 Million and NO Confidentiality Clause – Will Tiger Woods Pay?

NOTE: In December 2009, Forbes magazine estimated Tiger Woods net worth to be approximately $600 million. Revised estimates put that amount as being to $900 million.

So Tiger does not seem to be overly concerned about the amount of money being asked for in the divorce settlement.

His major concerns are his privacy, hence the request for Elin to sign a lifetime confidentiality clause; and joint custody of his children, who he says are the most important things in his life. See Why is Elin Nordegren Refusing to Sign Tiger Woods Lifetime Confidentiality Clause?

Once the details of the divorce settlement have been worked out, the divorce can be finalized.
And Tiger Woods will be able to focus more fully on his game golf.    

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UPDATE – Wednesday 6-30-10

BREAKING NEWS - Final Details of Tiger Woods – Elin Nordegren divorce

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  • tom 4 years ago

    You are a joke..Just another man hater..Well let Elin demand away..She is not getting 750mil..she is not getting control of who Tiger associates with..she is not getting anything but money..

    Quit going around trolling for posts you pathetic bitch. Stick to soap operas..Plus a black woman going after a brother..Probably married to a white man..


  • richard 4 years ago

    Tom, you are the pathetic one - do you have anger issues or is it just women who set you off? I am sure Tiger will do just fine without your comments and I am sure Elin with do very well also.

  • Carmen 4 years ago

    Tom,you are an enbarrassment to the human species! I PITY You!

    This divorce settlement amount is fair since it is for a complete package for both, Elin and the children and it went up because Tiger is demanding from Elin a lifetime of silence. The settlement may include cash, trust funds for the children, real estate, properties and other considerations. Tiger is the one who caused irreparable damage to the marriage and the dissolution of the family unit with his adulterous, reckless and irresponsible behavior. Tiger Woods humiliated his family in front of the world causing them enough hurt, pain and suffering that will scar them for the rest of their lives! Tiger Woods used his wife and children to earn millions projecting a false image of integrity as a devoted husband and family man, while living a sordid life in private. I applaud Elin for her courage, dignity and poise during this horrid ordeal and wish her and her children all the best!!!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Some people seem to feel sorry for her, yet others say Elin Nordegren is a gold digger, but whatever your thoughts, she will walk away from the divorce with a hell of alot more than she came into it with. Whether some feel she is deserving of this, opinions seem to vary, but whatever your thoughts, its hard to understand why these women who marry these rich and famous men think they have a gold chattel below that would prevent their husbands from ever cheating on them. What vanity, good grief! Come out from under your vainess, stupidity, and rose colored glasses, yours is no different from any other womans. Its just a matter of being realistic when you marry these type of men, knowing that at some point, they are going to find someone else more desirable and cheat. Their money and power allows them that luxury! Either deal with or don't marry them, but for heavens sake, come out from under your illusions that you have something gold or platinum that will forever keep him faithful in your boudoir. This woman Elin knew exactly what she was getting into when she asked her golfer friend to introduce her to Tiger Woods. She schemed and set the stage, and she got what she wanted. When her looks
    and beauty started to fade as anyone as seen from her pictures, Tiger started to stray and seek out other beauties. So is the life of the rich and famous. Hard to summon up any sympathy for this woman. No education, worked as a nanny, most should feel she lucked out Big time! Let it Go!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    The smart ones get an iron clad pre-nup, the dumb ones get taken to the cleaners!

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