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Elin Nordegren graduates: Spews subtle Tiger Woods' zingers in keynote speech

Elin Nordegren graduates and gives keynote speech with zingers for Tiger Woods.
Elin Nordegren graduates and gives keynote speech with zingers for Tiger Woods.
Scott Cook Rollins College

Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of Tiger Woods, finished her bachelor degree in psychology with a 3.98 GPA and she took the opportunity as the keynote speaker to send a few light jabs Tiger’s way. Nordegren was the equivalent of the valedictorian, but instead called the keynote speaker of the class in a college that caters to continuing education for adults holding down jobs and raising kids, according to Fox Sports on May 11.

It took the mother of two nine years to complete her under graduate education, but Nordegren had more than her fair share of bumps in the road while doing so. Her classmates voted her in as the “most outstanding senior in her class,” and she stepped up to the podium to offer some words of encouragement and comical wit when giving her speech at Rollins College. According to the Washington Post, Nordegren had her dad, her kids and her billionaire boyfriend, Chris Cline, in the audience as she gave her speech.

Back in 2005, Nordegren started her college education while she was married to Tiger Woods. At the time she didn’t have children yet, but she did take time off later on to have her children. That was a while back as her kids, Sam who is six and Charlie who is now five are in school themselves today. While childbirth and raising kids put her education on hold for a bit, nothing could have been worse for the young wife and mother than when she was thrust into the spotlight at the time Tiger’s serial cheating came to light in 2010.

After all that she went back and completed her education, which is something that “no one can take away from you,” she said in her speech. She referred to the cheating scandal event as “the wild storm of my personal life” while talking to the graduation audience. Nordegren also said:

“Yes, nine years is a pretty long time,” she said. “When I received the honor of speaking today I was happy. I was also a little surprised. I have been called a 'woman with no words' in the media and criticized for not talking very much."

She went on to say: “When I entered my student advisor office in the fall of 2005, I was 25 years old, I had just recently moved to America, I was married without children,” Nordegren, 34, told students at the Winter Park, Fla., school. “Today, nine years later, I’m a proud American, and I have two beautiful children–but I’m no longer married.”

She got a chuckle from the crowd when she said “I’m no longer married.” That chuckle quickly turned into applause. Nordegren continued on with her speech throwing little jabs about her marriage to Woods in where she could, but it was all in good taste. She continued saying:

“It was right after I had taken [a class in] communications and the media that I was unexpectedly thrust into the media limelight–and I probably should have taken more notes in that class.”

Elin has stayed very quiet about her marriage to Woods and its demise, but Saturday she had her chance. While the jabs were all done in fun, she still had her say, which was long overdue.

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