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Eliminating your excuses

What’s the number one reason for not exercising and getting in shape? You guessed it….. time or lack of it.

You versus time. Who will win?
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As your doctor might ask, “Do you have time to workout 20 minutes a day or be dead for 24 hours a day?” Yes, it’s that important.

Don’t be that person. Use the following tips and tricks of trainers from around America.

Time to kill the biggest excuse of all. Are you ready?

Dr. Rob Pomahac.Go against the clock.

“I have my clients use a stop watch. If you mentally prepare yourself to lift weights and you know you only have 24 minutes to accomplish your entire workout, you are less likely to slack off.

By keeping yourself tied to a time frame you can achieve a great workout in less time. The timed workout will make you work more efficient, smarter and keep your mental state in focus. The biggest mistake I see people making in the gym is wasting time.

I also have my clients measure their heart rate throughout the entire workout. At no point should that rate dip below 75% of their maximal heart rate. I have them keep a high tempo with short rests and a lot of super sets”.

Valerie Orsoni- Change up speeds for a faster training

“I alternate speed, even when lifting weights (from slow and heavy weight to fast and light weight), and any cardio activity in a Fartlek mode to burn up to 25% more energy.

In addition, if I am doing a cardio routine I wear a weighted vest with 15 lbs. of weight to increase the cardiovascular work”.

Brooke Anderson- High Intensity circuit training

“Putting together roughly 7 exercises to target the total body done without rest. Resting for 1 minute after the circuit if exercises and repeating the circuit 2 times.

This is shown to be more efficient and more effective than the traditional 30 minutes a day 5 days a week. I always recommend finding new exercises to group together and keep it fresh. One day focus strictly on weight lifting, the next add plyometric moves, keep your muscles guessing and the results will happen fast”

Shane McLean- Schedule your exercise

“Treat your exercise like an appointment that you cannot miss. For instance would you miss your doctor’s appointment? Ah, no! Block off time in your online calendar, diary or whatever you use. By doing this, you will be less likely to miss.”

Now that we have eliminated the biggest excuse of all, what other excuses do you have left? None? Ok, get to it!

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