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Eliminating toxins through healthy living

Detox trough healthy living!
Detox trough healthy living!
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Detoxification is a popular trend endorsed by many celebrities. For long time environmentalists this trend is nothing new. Green enthusiasts have been telling people for many years to eliminate toxins from their environment and their bodies with detoxification. Why not decrease the amount of toxins in the body to begin with, rather than relying on fads and cleanses to remove them? Here are some lifestyle changes that decrease your need for detox.

Nix the addictions

Addictive behaviors such as smoking, drinking and drug use fill our bodies with harmful toxins. What's the use of detoxification, if you plan to light one up right after you're done? Keep your body toxin free by refusing to engage in these harmful habits in the first place. Think of those around you as well. Even if you don't smoke around others, a new study shows toxins from smoking stay on your clothes and are carried into your home and onto the people you love. Stop leading a lifestyle that's toxic to you and everyone around you. Go green by quitting today.

Drive less

The modern dependency on gas guzzling automobiles has greatly increased toxins in our atmosphere. This not only includes emissions, but maintenance fluids such as oil, transmission fluid, radiator fluid and wiper fluid. Think of all the toxins you absorb every time you drive. There are green alternatives for all your car's essential maintenance fluids. Better yet, why not drive a little less? Take a nice walk to the corner store or other local venue. Walk or bike to work. When you do drive, consider alternative fuel vehicles as an option.

Choose your medications carefully.

Some medications are necessary to promote good health. I'm not suggestion that you stop taking medicines your doctor has prescribed. Some conventional medications have green alternatives that work just as well, sometimes better. Even over the counter medications contain toxins that lead to health issues. It wouldn't hurt to research clean solutions for medications, would it? Why not substitute green or alternative and complimentary medicines for toxic prescriptions whenever possible, with doctor approval?

Green cleaners

Household products often contain lethal toxins. Skin contact and invisible fumes in the air can cause damage to our health. Why not use green alternatives instead? There are many ecofriendly cleaning products on the market. Cleaning on a budget? Why not try some homemade cleaning products? Using common household items like vinegar and baking soda to clean keeps you and your home toxin free. Don't forget to use a green dry cleaners too. Make sure they clean your clothes with ecofriendly products, not chemicals.

Green bath and body products

Many common bath and body products contain harmful toxins. Since these products are not ingested, there's less government regulation than with food products. Unfortunately, even though we don't eat our soap and shampoo, these toxins can be absorbed by skin or breathed into lungs to cause health problems. Green beauty products are not as expensive as they once were. Why not try using them as a detoxification method? You may even find some of them do a better job than their toxic counterparts.

Organic gardening

Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and the like can all be inhaled, accidentally ingested, and brought into the house on clothes. Natural run-off causes these toxins to leech into our water system. Green gardening products are readily available. Why not detoxify yards, gardens and ourselves by using them? Can't afford to go green with expensive fertilizers? Make your own compost. It actually works better than chemical fertilizers. It follows the natural order of plant life. In nature, decaying plants nourish new plants in a circle of life. There are many homemade pest repellants as well. There's no need to douse your yard and garden with toxic chemicals to ward off biting insects.

Pollute less altogether

Fancy and pricey detox diets do nothing to cleanse the body if your personal habits and routines include harmful toxins. All the good you have done makes little impact when you are continually coming into contact with toxins. Why not make a commitment to pollute less as a detox method that helps everyone on the planet? Give up toxin heavy habits such as smoking, drinking and drug abuse. Drive less and when you do drive, go greener. Use fewer chemicals to clean the home and body. Practice green gardening techniques. Do everything you can to reduce toxins by living a green lifestyle. It's the best detox around.

Portions of this article were previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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