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Eliminating the fear of raising a child with a disability: 5 how-to tips

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According to, nearly 1 in 5 people have a disability in the United States. Finding out that your child has a disability can be tough; having to deal with everyday challenges ranging from personal to medical care.

Stress can take its toll on a family who’s learning not only how to cope with this revelation, but also ways in which they can try and make their child and or children’s life as normal as possible.

Here are a few informational tips on ways you can remove the stress or fear and feel better prepared. Also available are resources highlighted in blue within this article.


• Believe it or not, the biggest issue/stress factor that most parents have to deal with involves finances when taking care of a child with a disability. You worry about their well-being, and also how you will be able to afford the necessities needed in order to care for your child. In helping to de-stress regarding this matter, there are several government programs that can offer assistance if needed.

• It’s also important to understand your child’s capabilities and limitations. Not every child (even if they have the same disability) will have the same difficulties. The more you know, the better you can prepare yourself in understanding how to better help your child.

• Joining a group and or groups specific to your child’s disability can offer a sense of comfort and provide you with a support system.
It is also encouraging to join other disability groups that aren't related to your child’s disability. This way you can become familiar with all facets and information that the disability community has to offer.

• Seek out extra assistance (if needed) in understanding and receiving information in regards to getting situated with schools to choosing the best hospital that caters to your child's needs for example.

And the last and most important tip is…

• As long as your child is happy, then you are happy. Do fun things with your child such as playing board games, going to see a movie, going to have lunch, or even taking a trip somewhere!

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