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Elikeh, 50-Man Machine, and Batala Washington at the Rock and Roll Hotel

Elikeh will be performing at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington D.C. on January 24, 2014. They will be joined by the eclectic 50-Man Machine, and the charismatic Batala Washington group. If you know anything about these groups, you know that you are in for a smorgasbord of musical entertainment.

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Elikeh are no strangers to the D.C. scene, and have performed at several venues in the area. Blending Togolese music with jazz, blues and rock, their afro-funk fusion style has made them a very popular group that is exciting to watch on stage.

50-Man Machine combines a mix of reggae, celtic, folk, caribbean and alternative rock with pop sensibilities to draw you into their very exciting, unique style. For folks who are not familiar with them, picture listening to reggae music with a thread of irish lilt in its voice. Add some folk music and a funky base, and you have 50-Man Machine.

Batala Washington are an exciting all-female percussion group that provide an enthusiastic, energetic performance of Afro-Brazilian / Samba-Reggae music on five different types of drums. The group is currently 80 members strong but always open to anyone interested in learning about the samba-reggae beat.

To get tickets to this exciting event, visit the Rock and Roll Hotel's website or call (202) 388-7625. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show begins at 9 p.m.