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Elijah's Coin Change a life it just might be your own

Elijah’s Coin, written by Steve O’Brien is a book that many readers can connect to. Everyone goes through periods in their life where they are feeling nothing but confusion and pain. This book takes the reader on a journey back to self-worth. The reader will learn how to have hope in others and their own self once again.

Elijah's Coin
A Lesson for life
Steve O'Brien

This story of redemption and forgiveness has won many awards. The book was released in February of 2009 and has since won Book of the Year in  Fiction—Books and Authors. It was a finalist in best new fiction for National Indie Excellence Awards. The book was also a finalist for a National Best Books Awards in Fiction and Literature, Young Adult Fiction.

Tom, the main character in the story, has experienced a horrible loss and is spiraling out of control. Because of the anger he feels, he becomes anti-social and begins a life of crime.
During a burglary, Tom encounters a man named Elijah King. Elijah is the night watchman who could have turned him in, but instead gives him a coin and becomes a mentor to him.

Tom’s newfound teacher and the coin he was given takes him on a search for self.

Tom begins to change and takes what he has learned and begins teaching others. The ultimate lesson for Tom is after he has changed and found hope again. He encounters the darkest horror from his past and has to face it either with his new perspective on life and self or go back to his old belief systems.

This life-changing book is only 128 pages long. Steve O’Brien has written for the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. 

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