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Elias Phoenix shocks ‘Ellen’ viewers; 7-year-old plays piano perfectly (video)

Elias Phoenix appears to be a typical 7-year-old kid until he sits down at the piano and plays like a classically-trained adult. The young star and his twin brother were on “The Ellen Show” on Friday and the bubbly kid delighted the fans by repeatedly giving Ellen DeGeneres hugs and sharing in his joy for being on stage. Everyone knew he was a piano player, but when he sat down to play, the audience was shocked.

His fingers touched the keys of the piano in such a fast moving progression that viewers were in awe. Offering beautiful music with ease and grace it was magical and beautiful all in the same breath. Elias meeting Ellen with a piano seemed to be a perfect segment and another YouTube star that was discovered by the show. The young child prodigy has played Carnegie Hall and was full of compliments for Ellen.

“Just finished taping 1 of the most memorable interviews I've ever done, with a 7-yr-old. Airs tomorrow. You have to see it to believe it,” wrote Ellen DeGeneres about her experience meeting Elias on Thursday. Even the talk show host was delighted to be part of the moment.

Elias is definitely a boy wonder when it comes to the piano. The youngster knows his way around a keyboard and seems to love life. It was a perfect combination on “The Ellen Show” and the fans got to see a delightful young man.

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