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Elias Phoenix returns to ‘Ellen’; 7-year-old plays piano perfectly (video)

Elias Phoenix is only seven, but his piano playing skills are spectacular. The YouTube star was a hit with the fans the first time he was introduced to America, but he again took the stage to perform a Bach piece on The Ellen Show on Thursday and the fans loved every minute of the segment.

The kid is a genius at the piano! Elias Phoenix fingers touched the keys of the piano in such a fast moving progression that viewers were in awe. Offering beautiful music with ease and grace it was magical and once again revealed just how talented the kid is in front of the piano.

“You are talented and very, very thoughtful. I know you and your brother like to perform at nursing homes,” said Ellen DeGeneres about her decision to give the young star a gift to help share his music. “I got you a brand new sound system.”

Elias Phoenix on The Ellen Show seemed to be a perfect moment. The YouTube star was discovered by the show and once again offered a glimpse of this talented (and happy performer.) While the youngster is still being appreciated by America it appears that he has a new goal. Looking to get into Harvard someday it’s the latest edition to his to-do list.

Check out the piano performance of The Ellen Show from Elias Phoenix in the video clip. And if you feel moved, follow his Twitter account as even Ellen DeGeneres is online watching the young star!

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