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Elias Phoenix, 7, plays piano like Liberace on 'The Ellen Show' (video)

Elias Phoenix looks like a typical 7-year-old child, but behind a piano the young star plays like Liberace. Viewers of The Ellen Show got a big surprised when they tuned in on Friday as the youngster took to the piano like he had played it for decades. According to the Huffington Post on Friday, the audience was amazed by the young star who was delighted to meet the talk show host.

The piano prodigy player didn't even look at the audience when he sat down at the keyboard as he was seriously focused on a perfect performance. His hands moved swiftly and his smile was wide as the music filled the room. On stage twice for the fans, each time the child came out bubbly and delighted with results that shocked the fans.

The Ellen Show has taken to finding some talented kids over the past few weeks. Highlighting some of the up and coming stars in America, kids like Elias Phoenix are getting the spotlight and sharing their talent with the world. Of course Elias was really excited for the moment too. One of the big dreams he had was to meet Ellen DeGeneres and be on the show. After fulfilling his desire, who is to say he won’t be back? Offering his talented piano skills, he might be seen again in the future too and the fans wouldn't mind that one bit.

Take a look at the video clip of Elias Phoenix performing. Doesn't Elias remind everyone of Liberace?

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