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Eli Young Band gives preview of new song ‘Just Add Moonlight’

New song by Eli Young Band, "Just Add Moonlight", available on February 18
Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images

Eli Young Band is gearing up for the release of their new album, “10,000 Towns” and on February 17, began giving fans an exclusive preview of their latest single via Roughstock. The new song is titled “Just Add Moonlight,” an up-tempo song about wooing a girl with the help of
a little lunar light.

A sampling of the lyrics will give fans the general idea that this guy is out to win his girl and believes moonlight will help put stars in her eyes:

You can buy her flowers and the good champagne
write her a song on your old six-string
but if you really want to change the game tonight
just add moonlight ...

Kisses are sweeter
and the world seems right
with that big yellow ball
shining in her eyes

If you want to make her fall in love tonight
just add moonlight

Eli Young Band’s “10,000 Towns” album is set to release on March 4. The band has already seen a #1 hit with the debut single “Drunk Last Night.” “Just Add Moonlight” has just the kind of sound that could take it to the top five as well. The uncomplicated, relatable lyrics and easy-to-follow melody make it the kind of song listeners want to turn up in the car and sing along to.

“Just Add Moonlight” is officially available for download on Tuesday, February 18 through iTunes.

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