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Eli the ape predicts Seattle Seahawks will win Superbowl

Eli hasn't been wrong in his Superbowl picks since 2006.
Hogle Zoo Facebook

One might not put much merit into the Superbowl picks of a zoo animal. Unless, as ESPN reported on Jan. 30, a certain ape has been getting the winner right for seven straight years.

According to zookeepers at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Eli's choice was clear. He immediately knocked over the paper mache football with the Seahawks logo. This signifies his choice as Superbowl winner. Some years he sits and thinks about his choice and others he doesn't hesitate. This year, Eli chose the Seattle Seahawks without hesitation.

You may laugh at the prediction of a psychic ape that lives in a zoo, but Eli the ape has been doing better than the odds makers in Las Vegas. Excitement over the orangutan's pick gets bigger every year that he is right. Many are expected to place Superbowl bets based on his decision.

Once Eli made his Superbowl prediction, his mate Eve and daughter Acara were let in to play with the paper mache helmets. They can be seen on the Hogle Zoo Facebook page enjoying their new toys.

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