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Eli's Cheesecake: Review for National Cheesecake Day, 2014

Eli's Cheesecake: Review for National Cheesecake Day
Eli's Cheesecake: Review for National Cheesecake Day
Eli's Cheesecake

In observation of National Cheesecake Day, 2014, we are featuring Eli's Eli's was the realized dream of Chicago restaurateur, cheesecake appreciator and humanitarian, Eli M. Schulman. He had a heart for charity, for tending to the needs of others and for creating quality foods. His legacy lives on, via family-owned business, Eli's

Received from Eli's

Eli's Original Favorites Sampler, Nine Inch ($40.00) This edible masterpiece includes four slices of Eli's all-time favorites. They are even arranged in a visually appealing manner:

  • Candy Bar made with Heath Toffee Bars
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Original Plain
  • Strawberry

This incredible product weighs three pounds and eight ounces. It serves 16 (pre-sliced). As you can imagine, the whole thing was amazing! We had never even heard of, much less tried Candy Bar or Chocolate Chip cheesecake until Eli's came along. (Us...sighing.) We're glad that we did. We truly like and appreciated the entire pie. What a treat this all has been!

Happy National Cheesecake Day to you all!

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