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Eli Olsberg: Young comedian performs like an old pro at the Ice House

Stand-up Comic Eli Olsberg
Stand-up Comic Eli Olsberg
The Ice House Comedy Club

Many of today’s brightest and most brilliant comedic stars have taken the stage at the Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena to showcase their talents, including Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Lily Tomlin, Bill Maher, Robin Williams, Dennis Miller and Ellen DeGeneres. The Ice House’s longstanding reputation for uncovering and exposing the most promising stand-up artists the Los Angeles area has to offer continues with performers such as 24-year-old Eli Olsberg who took the stage on December 20.

Tall and slim with an alternately confident and self-deprecating style, Eli shared his experiences living in billboard-friendly West Hollywood, or “Little Billbordia,” as he prefers to call it. As a straight man living in a predominantly gay area, he confessed that getting whistled at and objectified now and then is a nice boost to the self-esteem; an added perk of life in Little Billbordia. Much of Eli’s material on Sunday night was geared toward local culture and the quirks of life in Los Angeles, but he also covered topics relatable to far wider audiences including proposed movie titles for the Lifetime Network, dating girls who like sports more than you, taking jabs at the ever-so-jabbable David Hasselhoff, and a tale of a Jewish friend who shocked and horrified his girlfriend when she discovered he was an “anteater” (uncircumcised). The anteater reference pulled the biggest laughs and amidst the laughter a previously self-contained woman up front guffawed and swept a wine glass off a table and crashing to the floor. Eli’s off-the-cuff quip to the woman’s male partner, “Are you circumcised, sir?” drew further roars from the crowd while he artfully segued into less blue territory.

Eli Olsberg is a name to remember and a man to watch if you are looking for local comedic entertainment that is intelligent, incisive and with a bit of an edge. Check the Ice House Web site for upcoming appearances.



  • Jen&Jim 5 years ago

    We haven't seen this guy yet, but after reading this we are definitely gonna make the effort.Not too many comics who appeal across the gender map! this Reviewer ahs been on the mark with others as well.

  • Val 5 years ago

    About Time! Eli is terrific!Loved the show

  • The 954 Gal 5 years ago

    I'm actually flying out from South Florida to see Eli Olsberg perform on January 21st. This review only makes me more excited!!!!

  • Phil 5 years ago

    Hey I'm from Florida but live here now! Let's all meet the 21st!

  • Eli 5 years ago

    The show on the 21st is at Roxbury Cafe in Beverly Hills at 8 PM. Ice House was a blast, can't wait to do it again. Thanks for the write-up Nichole!!

  • Savvie 5 years ago

    Great act,great review. ELI really knows his stuff and Nichole knows his and hers both!