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Eleven superstitions about the Spring season

Well today is finally the first day of spring. For some with snow and low temps it may not feel like spring, but soon enough it will. Anyway, this season like the rest of them has it's own superstitions about it. So if you feel like reading more about the lore of spring, then read on.

  • If you kill the first adder you see in spring that means that you'll have good luck.
  • According to some superstitions today is the only day you can stand a raw egg on its end.
  • When you see a red bird in winter, that means that you'll be prosperous in spring.
  • If there are lots of spider webs in spring, the next autumn will be a good one.
  • The first thunder in spring means that winter is broken.
  • The first thunder in spring also not only breaks winter, but it awakens snakes.
  • When there is a late Easter, there is a late spring.
  • When there is an early Easter, there is an early spring.
  • The first three days of spring (or any other season) determines the weather for that season.
  • If it thunders in February, then there will be snow in May!
  • Mists in March means frost in May.

So that's just some superstitions about this season. Hope everyone enjoys their first day of spring, and hopefully the snow melts!


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