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2014 Winter Olympics

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Elevators plagued with problems at the Olympics in Sochi

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are having trouble with the elevators.
The Winter Olympics in Sochi are having trouble with the elevators.
Joe Scarnici/Getty

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia have not gone without the proverbial “hitch.” One such hitch is the trouble with the elevators. According to a February 10 report by USA Today, Olympic bobsledder, Nick Cunningham, was trapped in an elevator earlier today.

Nick Cunningham was stuck in an elevator with his teammate, Johnny Quinn. The two American bobsledders were rescued after they shared their photos on social media. It was reported they were not trapped in the elevator for long.

This wasn't the first time Johnny Quinn had found himself trapped while competing in at the Sochi Winter Olympics. He had be stuck in his bathroom earlier. He managed to save himself after “obliterating” his bathroom door.

Johnny Quinn isn't the only Olympic athlete to have trouble with elevators in Sochi. He isn't the only bobsledder to have problems with the elevators. A bobsledder competing for Great Britain tweeted a photo of an empty elevator shaft. She almost stepped into that empty elevator shaft when she attempted to use the elevator.

Although the troubles with the elevators seem minor compared to the terrorist threats the Sochi Winter Olympics had received, they could cause even more problems – Olympic athletes missing important practice sessions or even events. Of course, should someone actually step into an empty elevator shaft, it could be deadly.

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