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Elevator goes up 31 floors in seconds at 50 mph: Video as man slams into roof

If you get a bit apprehensive about riding in elevators, then after you hear what one man's journey to the top floor was like, you may avoid them all together. A man got into an new apartment complex elevator and it started to move even before the door closed giving him a ride in the next few seconds that he will surely never forget.

Runaway elevator shoots man up 31 floors and smashes into roof and hurls man onto ceiling.
YouTube screen shot

According to the Global Grind on June 9, the man got in on the ground floor and the elevator started going up before the doors closed. Then it shot at a great speed toward the top floor, going way too fast. The elevator started the man's journey on the first floor and sped towards the 31st floor, which was the top floor of the building.

The surveillance camera in the elevator caught all the action, as the man is seen desperately pushing the buttons trying to make it stop. You can see on the video the floors going by at a rapid speed as the man almost becomes free of gravity. The elevator only stops when it slams into the roof, hurling the man onto the ceiling.

According to the Huffington Post today, the elevator should be equipped with brakes to slow it down if it goes too fast, but apparently they didn't work in this case. This elevator reached the speed of 50 mph with the man on board and went from the first floor to the 31st floor in 15 seconds.

The man's horrific ride occurred in Providencia, Chile in this fairly new elevator. The man was recovering from spine surgery when he got on the elevator and while he made it out of the elevator alive, he was injured. He received injuries to his neck, spine and hip.

The malfunctioning elevator ride was something that would conjure up and instant panic attack for even the calmest of souls. After you watch the video above, you will probably agree.

The local newspaper in Chile calls this a freak accident, explaining this is not something that should happen in a new building that opened only eight months ago. The elevator headed rapidly to the top floor, crashing violently into the building's roof and hurling the only person on board, Jose Vergara Acevedo, 31, into the roof of the cabin. If this could happen to a brand spanking new elevator, it could probably happen anywhere!

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