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Elevate Fish Fridays with Matlaw's Stuffed Clams

Matlaw's Stuffed Clams on Fish Friday
Matlaw's Stuffed Clams on Fish Friday

For many, Fish Friday is a family tradition. Both the Lenten observers and fish lovers can appreciate one meal a week dedicated to the bounty of the sea. Matlaw's Stuffed Clams are a great option for that weekly dinner.

Known as the number one stuffed clam on the market, Matlaw's offers some of the most flavorful stuffed clams on the market. The New England Stuffed Clams bring the traditional flavors to your home dinner table. Whether you are enjoying Fish Friday or just craving a seafood dinner, Matlaw's will satisfy your craving.

Each natural clamshell is filled with a delectable breadcrumb stuffing with clams, green and red peppers, and delicate spices. The stuffed clams are individually frozen to insure freshness and flavor. These stuffed clams can be cooked in the oven, microwave or on the grill. In under 30 minutes a delicious appetizer or entree is ready to be served.

March 31 is National Clams on the Half Shell Day. In celebration of this holiday, Matlaw's is a simple and easy way to enjoy stuffed clams at home. The Stuffed Clams pair perfectly with a crunchy green salad with in-season vegetables such as beets, leeks, and carrots. Another options is a pairing it with fresh mozzarella with olives and roasted red peppers. For the clam purists, butter and lemon or a dash of hot sauce is all the entree needs.

Matlaw's is available for purchase in a variety of retailers nationwide. To find a retailer nearby, please visit the Matlaw's website.