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Elephants escape circus in St. Louis (VIDEO)

Elephants escape circus! When three elephants escape a circus, there’s cause for alarm, no doubt. In St. Louis, Missouri, that’s exactly what happened on Saturday when the elephants were reportedly beyond-disturbed by noises from people attending the circus, according to a CNN report on Sunday.

Elephants escape St. Louis Shriners' Circus on March 22, 2014
Fox News

With the loud noises, the elephants decided to take a stroll to get out of there and headed to the parking lot at the event. The elephants were rounded up by their handlers, but not before the trio had done some damage to a couple of cars in the parking lot. The only vehicles parked where the elephants strolled are where employees of the circus - as well as the Shriners - park. It’s private and not to be accessed by the public.

The circus’ parking lot belongs to St. Louis Shriners. The discontent elephants work for the Moolah Shrine Circus. They are supposed to prance around inside a tent and never leave the area without being guided to be transported, naturally.

As for the elephants, they received no significant damage. Even though “the show must go on,” the rowdy elephants were given Saturday night off – but were to return to the circus tent to perform on Sunday.

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