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Elephants escape circus: 3 elephant cows walk through parking lot, ding cars

Elephants escape from a circus in St. Louis, Missouri and they did some damage while they were "free." On March 23, CNN reported that three elephant cows got free from their enclosures and decided to go for a romp in a nearby parking lot. Witnesses say that the elephants were spooked by "loud noises" which caused them to flee -- but they didn't get too far.

According to the report, the parking lot was private and filled with cars of circus members. Some of the cars were "dinged" but the elephants were corralled before they could do significant damage -- or get out of the parking lot.

Elephants that escape a circus can be dangerous and if they are unable to be corralled, things could have become very serious. Thankfully, trainers knew that the elephants got out and were able to work quickly to get them back to their enclosures. It is believed that food helped get the elephants back where they needed to be. Once they made it back to familiar ground, they were given a break and not forced to perform in front of Saturday night's crowd at the Moolah Shrine Circus.

You can see more on this story in the video above.

The elephants that escaped the circus were scheduled to perform today.

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