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Elena Kagan smeared by gay-baiting right wing media

Elena Kagan has been attacked for her gender, appearance and sexual orientation.
Elena Kagan has been attacked for her gender, appearance and sexual orientation.

President Obama's nomination of former Harvard Law School dean Elena Kagan as the next Supreme Court Justice was met with the usual attacks from right-wing media figures Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

Limbaugh called Kagan a "liberal elitist," while Beck has called her college thesis evidence of her "socialist" leanings.

Distorting Kagan's record to portray her as an anti-military radical, Limbaugh's and others' caricature of Kagan is belied by her reputation as a consensus-building and fair-minded intellectual.

According to the Boston Globe, Kagan's role in the Harvard ban on military recruiters over the Don't Ask-Don't Tell policy on gays in the military was minimal, and the ban "held more symbolic value than anything else," because recruiters still had access to Harvard Law students through the Harvard Law School Veterans Association.

That the right-wing media is attacking Kagan may not be surprising, but the level of discourse on talk radio and right-wing websites betrays shocking conservative attitudes about women and gays.

Beyond the right-wing attacks of Kagan as an "elitist" or "radical," right-wing bloggers are leading a more vicious smear campaign targeting Kagan over her gender, sexual orientation, and physical appearance.

A conservative blogger for CBS last month fanned unsubstantiated rumors that she is gay (she is not, the White House said). Those rumors continue to bubble around the blogosphere and have cropped up in places from the Huffington Post to the Boston Herald

According to Media Matters for America, the liberal watchdog, Kagan has been called "Justice Shrek," by conservative talk radio host Neil Boortz. 

Another conservative blogger published a web posting stating that "Elena Kagan should be given a broom and instructed to do something useful."

All of this may be having a subtle effect on the public's perception of Kagan. According to a Gallup poll, 40 percent of respondents gave Obama excellent or good ratings for his pick of Kagan, less than the 47 percent who felt the choice of Sonya Sotomayor was good or excellent.


  • PDX Gay 5 years ago

    Being called gay isn't a smear, FYI.

  • Core 5 years ago

    Most of what I'm reading concerning Kagan's sexuality comes from the liberal press, blogs, etc. It's not really a topic that most conservatives want to (openly) talk about.

    To imply that conservatives are solely impacting people's perspective of Kagan is simply not reality. Most of my news comes from the liberal press, LGBT press included. And, the speculation is rampant.

    Interesting how progressives love to attack conservatives and yet say that conservatives are "intolerant" and "extreme" when they criticize a progressive/liberal.

  • Try Again 4 years ago

    You are so hung up on the gay thing you missed the salient points of the Harvard / military controversy. It was the Saudi money so coveted by Kagan that sparked the hypocrisy charges and was the stomach churner. The Saudis proudly carve up homosexuals for a variety of reasons but Kagan's war is with the US military.

    Another topic for you to consider as the military courts more muslim 'volunteers', is, "will the Muslims deny their religion when they share that foxhole with a gay soldier?"

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