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Elements of Style fashion service: 5 questions for a personal stylist


Jordan Dechambre-Childers, fashion editor and stylist

Jordan Dechambre-Childers works with clients who have personal style, but no time shop and also the misguided dresser who needs help finding his/her personal style. Her business, Elements of Style, offers services including: personal shopping, seasonal wardrobe refreshment, wardrobe consultation, special event styling, gift buying and bridal coordination. Clients receive a free initial consultation to determine their needs and then Jordan works her magic.

She frequents Milwaukee's locally owned boutiques to find unique pieces and visits Fashion Week every year in New York to stay up-to-date with current trends. Jordan has worked as a fashion editor since 2000 and also leads many fashion show fundraisers in Milwaukee. On her flight back from Fashion Week, she takes the time to answer a few questions.

1. How did you become interested in and when did you start working in the fashion business?
I have always loved fashion. I had the mom who would come to my volleyball games in a Betsey Johnson dress, when all the other moms were in sweatshirts. I think that kind of transferred on to me. I became a fashion editor about four years ago, but before that worked in retail and did a lot of freelance fashion writing for Web sites and magazines. I've always been the one friends go to for fashion advice, and I look at my business as an extension of that.

I decided to start Elements of Style when I was driving to Chicago with a friend of mine and I was talking about how I always wanted to be a personal shopper. She encouraged me to just go for it. I had been building all these roadblocks up in my mind about starting my own business, and she helped me realize that the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. I started creating a business plan the next day and never looked back.

2. What are the most important pieces to have for the fall wardrobe?

Right now I'm loving skinny pants -- not just jeans, but any pants. Embellished trench coats are so hot for fall. Pair one with a scarf, jeans and boots, and you are ready to go. Baubles – or chunky necklaces – dress up even the simplest jeans and a tee. I’m also loving the colors copper and black together. It's time to ditch the gray and look for a little glam, like a touch of sheen in fabrics. Velvet is also seeing a huge resurgence. High-waist and natural waist pants as well. No more low-rise, thank God!

3. Any designers or styles that you tend to favor?
I love anything Diane Von Furstenburg. She makes the number one wrap dress. And I love dresses. They are so easy – it's a one-stop shop instead of having to create an outfit. I am also a huge fan of Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. line. I think the shoes and handbags are so fun and unexpected.
But besides dresses, my go-to items are always pencil skirts, the trench coat, long, colorful scarves and simple black pumps. For top of the line, nothing beats Dior. I was at the Manhattan store for Fashion's Night Out last week, and was blown away. I was also incredibly impressed by Toni Maticevski and Christian Siriano at Spring 2010 Fashion Week.

4. What is the most common fashion mistake you see?
Oh, there's a lot! Low-rise jeans are a major mistake. They should all be gathered up and burned. Women who try to dress too young for their age. Dressing age appropriate actually makes you look younger! But I think the most common mistake, and one I am trying to correct with my business, is men and women who do not know how to dress for their bodies and coloring. That's a large part of my business. Once you learn, shopping can actually be an enjoyable experience.

5. Is there one key piece that can fix any outfit?
A fitted blazer or the right accessories - they may not be able to fix it every time, but they can surely help. Also, I get asked all the time the best way for a woman to trim her waistline with clothing. My number one answer is to wear a cinch-waist jacket or belt.

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