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Elementary teachings of Christ provides the ultimate hope

The elementary teachings of Christ lays down some basic Christian theology.
The elementary teachings of Christ lays down some basic Christian theology.

There is a defining reason why the gospels are called “The Good News”, and that is it provides the ultimate hope to the suffering that has tormented mankind. The greatest story ever told provides for the ultimate comfort ever given.

Some fundamentals given in Hebrews of the Bible provides a platform for answers to the age old questions that have plagued the curiosity of thinkers; who am I?, where did I come from, what’s my purpose, and where am I going? These elementary teachings of Christ provide the purpose of God’s narrative of man’s redemption from a broken relationship which resulted from Adam and Eve’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden.

Repentance, or changing the way one thinks, from works that lead to death deals by submitting to God concerning our sinful nature. Peter demonstrated shortly after Pentecost that the majority of people are unaware of their lost condition with God.

As Peter articulated the story of the birth, life, execution, burial, and resurrection of Christ, conviction fell upon the crowd as a direct result of the Holy Spirit’s work when the gospel was preached by Peter. Three thousand souls were added to the believers as a result of Peter’s powerful testimony.

Faith came by hearing, and hearing by the word of God which is a direct effect of the gospel being shared. Increased faith brought many to an understanding of their need for salvation and for reconnecting their relationship with God through Jesus Christ, faith being another component to the doctrines of Christ.

Water and Holy Spirit baptism consisted of additional teachings of Christ, water baptism representing a symbol of the old person dying and the new person emerging from the water. Baptism of the Holy Spirit usually accompanied the speaking in tongues as on the Day of Pentecost, or having the evidence of the other eight Holy Spirit gifts in operation.

A most powerful teaching was the laying on of hands, not only for the prayers of the sick, but for the blessings to be bestowed upon church followers as stipulated in the blessings from adhering to the word of God. The documented benefits of touch resound in the secular psychology of today.

A clear supernatural teaching involves the controversial resurrection from the dead. Jesus being the “first fruits” completed the transaction of bringing the righteous dead out of Paradise, the location where the righteous dead resided in Hell. When Jesus led captivity captive, many of the saints of old resurrected with Christ and appeared to many in the city of Jerusalem before Jesus’ ascension into heaven. The rapture of the church will resurrect saints that are dead and transformed those alive into their glorified bodies according to the Great Hope.

The Bible describes the final doctrine of Christ to be one of eternal judgment which troubles many believers. Many attempt to personally rationalize that a loving God would not eternally punish those along with Lucifer and the false prophet in the lake of fire. Two issues are not considered, one being that hell and death are destroyed before eternal punishment is handed out.

Secondly, the Bible never mentions the conclusion of the judgment. Hell seems to be the punishment for disobedience where the lake of fire is the final sentencing. Hell enlarges daily according to the Holy Scriptures and was never the intention for God’s human creations. Besides, hell will ultimately be destroyed after it empties out its inhabitants before final judgment. Death will also be destroyed before judgment.

The elementary teachings of Christ are designed to give believers a basic understanding of the purposes of Christ and God’s justice. Jesus displayed many signs for the benefit of His disciples and has extended this knowledge through the Holy Spirit which teaches all things and brings all things to remembrance to the followers of Christ.

Nobody is expected to have all the answers because Jesus declared He would fill in all the details when He returned.

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