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‘Elementary’ season finale on CBS: Watson, Sherlock stop arguing to help Mycroft

Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock in the CNS show Elementary
Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock in the CNS show Elementary
Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

The fans of “Elementary” have felt the rising conflict between Watson and Sherlock over the past few episodes of the season. The two characters have felt the friction ever since Sherlock’s brother Mycroft wedged between the two characters and their work. According to the Washington Post on Thursday, the conflict is still a serious issue, but there is a bigger concern as Sherlock’s brother Mycroft has been framed.

Mycroft is facing some serious accusations of treason and murder on the season finale. While Sherlock hasn't stopped revealing his true feelings of deception about his brother, it appears that he believes that Mycroft is innocent and decide to help him. Of course, Watson wants to help too, but the issue between the two crime solvers has to be set aside for the sake of the case.

As viewers previously found out, Mycroft wasn't just a chef, but an agent for the British. In the USA as aa asset, it appears they wanted to recruit Sherlock for work too, but he wasn't interested. The connection between him declining and Mycroft’s framing for murder look suspicious and the fans can only assume the two incidents are related.

Will Sherlock and Joan Watson find out who is really the mastermind before Mycroft is found? While blood is thicker than water, there is hope that Sherlock can get over the past and offer assistance to his brother by solving the case before it is too late.

As “Elementary” has been picked up for another season, expect the story to offer a resolution and a glimpse at the future for Sherlock and Watson. Will Joan move out or is she just pressing Sherlock’s buttons? The future of the characters will depend on the boundaries they set for each other. And for Sherlock, it might be difficult for him to comply with restrictions when meddling in Joan’s life.

The season finale of “Elementary” airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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