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Elementary schools graduated fifth graders last week

The Belleville Public Schools held Fifth Grade Graduations between June 24th and 25th in all seven elementary schools.

At School No. 3, located at 230 Joralemon Street, on June 24th, fifth graders were promoted, in a ceremony at 9:30 a.m. and a celebration at 1:30 p.m. under the supervision of Principal LucyAnn Demikoff.

School No. 4 in Silver Lake had Principal Richard Acosta lead the promotion of fifth graders at 11 a.m.

At School No. 5, Principal Nanette Rotonda led fifth graders in a promotional exercise at the school located at 149 Adelaide St.

School No. 7 saw Principal Antonia Yanuzzi lead fifth graders in a celebration of promotion last week.

At Arthur M. Pico School, located at 183 Union Ave., Aida Cardona led a celebration of promotion for fifth graders last week.

School No. 9, located in the township's Valley section, 30 Ralph St., had Principal Loraine Gammaro oversee a fifth grade commencement ceremony.

School No. 10, located at 527 Belleville Ave., had a promotion for fifth graders last week, under the direction of Principal Susan Rovell.

The high school graduated last Thursday in ceremonies at Municipal Stadium.

Principal Dora Cavallo led Belleville Middle School's eighth grade promotion last week.

The end of the school year was again delayed by an inordinate number of snow days, officials said.

The Belleville Board of Education's schedule will slow down this summer, with likely only one meeting in both July and August.

The reorganized school board met in April to reorganize for the 2014-15 school year, and trustees face continuing challenges for school security, limitations from a thrifty school budget and renewed efforts to improve standardized test scores.

John Rivera was unanimously re-elected school board president, while Jeanne Lombardi was again selected to be vice president. Each can serve a maximum of two years.

The board has spent hundreds of thousands on armed security officers and other equipment upgrades for each district school after the Connecticut shooting in December 2012. The trustees say they also will continue to focus on working with state monitors to improve standardized text scores.

With an April election, Belleville is now one of the few school districts left in New Jersey that did not vote to shift its election to November.

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