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Elementary School Children Dead in Connecticut Shooting

Newtown, Ct.
Newtown, Ct.
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When a mother checks the online news and finds a headline screaming about the murder of innocent school children something inside her snaps.

27 people, mostly children from Kindergarden to Fourth Grade. Shocked, numbed, horrified, incensed, enraged, distraught, devastated... so many emotions flood our bodies and we are lost as to how to cope with such news. We reach out, to family members, to Facebook friends... What just happened? Why would someone DO this? We lack information, everything is a blur, reporters trying to get news out when facts are hard to come by. The number of dead changes, 24, 25, 27... an upward trend meaning more deaths. We weep together. We run to our children and scoop them into our arms. They ask why we are crying and we can not, we must not explain. These despicable acts should never be repeated into small ears. Children should never know of such horrors, they certainly shouldn't ever have to run hand in hand from a school where their class mates had previously been talking about Santa, dreaming of hot cocoa and Christmas trees.

The parents. The depth of their pain is tangible even from miles away. Mother's everywhere can feel their agony and a collective wave of feeling arises from us all... we want to help, we want to heal, we want this not to be true. We hold our children close to our breast and weep for the mothers, the fathers and most especially for the children.

I'm so desperately sorry this happened. My deepest, most heartfelt sympathies to the people of Newtown.