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'Elementary' reunites with Bell

Sherlock: “I was tempting to get a rise out of you. To remind you no matter where you go or how tedious the work you undertake, it will not change what you are, a detective.”

Sherlock: "Be my friend, don’t be my friend. Whatever! But don’t be so foolish to confuse punishing me with punishing yourself."
Jeff Neumann/CBS
Watson: "The mob was like a soap opera back then."
Jeff Neumann/CBS

Bell: “I am a detective.”

Sherlock: “Well you still have the title, yeah, but it is more than that, isn’t it. It’s a calling. It’s your calling.”

“All in the Family” is tonight’s episode of “Elementary.” If you have yet to see tonight’s episode, beware of spoilers! Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. To review the last case file, click here. “Elementary” returns in two weeks on CBS (KHOU).

It’s time to see Bell in his new job! He gets to leave the office for the first time in a while, and Bell ends up finding a body. Unfortunately, the writers don’t really highlight the differences in Bell’s job from his old one with Gregson. Sherlock makes references to Bell being a number cruncher, but viewers don’t get to see it. It would have been better to show how Bell is taking a step down, job wise, as Sherlock claims he is. Another possibility would be to show Bell being unhappy or missing out on aspects of his old job out in the field. What are your thoughts?

Sherlock and Bell finally have the chat they have been needing to have since Bell got shot. Of course, it comes about because Sherlock keeps pestering Bell. It’s true Sherlock fashion. Their friendship has been one of the most unexpected, enjoyable parts of the show. I would get excited anytime the two of them shared a chat. The confrontation scene in Sherlock’s apartment is absolutely fantastic. I watched it twice. Sherlock not only shares his true opinions of Bell, but he also reminds Bell of his own troubled past, where Sherlock had to fight to get better. Plus, Bell opens up about his own fears as well as his initial impression of Sherlock. It is great to have this argument between Bell and Sherlock, and it really makes the episode. Did you love it?

The case of the episode involves the mob. The best part about this is how excited and knowledgeable of the mob Watson is. It is unexpected, and it is a fun aspect to her character. As it turns out, the Deputy Commissioner is a mob plant. This is definitely a twist, and it is great that the writers made a point to include him a little bit in previous episodes. One aspect that I really appreciated is Sherlock and Watson running through all the possible scenarios where the Deputy Commissioner isn’t dirty. They are aware that they only came up with one possibility, and there are many more where all is on the up and up. Did you enjoy the case?

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