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'Elementary' 2x20 'No Lack of Void': Mourning the loss of a friend

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Sherlock: “I just wanted to know what it was. Was it a fight, an affair? If I can identify the trigger maybe…my rational brain tells me relapse is always a risk of any addict, of course. But his death blindsided me, and it bothers me. It bothers me.”

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No Lack of Void” centers on an anthrax case. Nothing says happiness quite like anthrax. What is interesting is that there never is an attack. Instead, a guy accidentally kills himself with it. Take notes kids, do not swallow bags of white powder. Even if it isn’t anthrax, this is good advice. Even though the anthrax death happened in the precinct, it does not affect much. It would have been great to see Gregson and Bell try to work a case while displaced from the precinct for a bit. Maybe their new office would be in the brownstone for a bit.

As is typically the case with anthrax, at some point the anti-government group makes an appearance. The interrogation with Joe or Kurt or whatever his name is, is hilarious. Whenever you see an actor you recognize, it is pretty obvious that that person is the real murderer, so for me, I knew it was the brother from the moment he appeared on screen. Other than that, the case is entertaining. There is a concern for Sherlock’s life, but don’t worry, after tasting the assumed anthrax, he learned it was safe. Sometimes, Sherlock, you should not taste things that could kill you.

Alistair, Sherlock’s old friend, passes away. Honestly, it is difficult to remember him, but thankfully a big part of the episode is Sherlock’s relationship with Alistair. There are many fantastic things about this storyline. First is that we get to see Sherlock in mourning. He hallucinates (if that is the correct term) his friend Alistair on two occasions. It would be interesting to delve more into that because Sherlock doesn’t see dead people often, well at least not that he has told us. The scene at the cemetery is absolutely heartbreaking.

Another is that it forces Sherlock to come to terms that relapse happens no matter how long someone has been clean. This is an aspect to Sherlock’s recovery that the writers have not addressed yet, mainly because they don’t really show Sherlock interacting with people who have been sober for longer than he has. While it is a good character moment to have Sherlock regret not talking to Alistair about the struggles of sobriety, it would have been better to have them have that conversation before Alistair dies. This is an aspect of recovery that Watson can have with Sherlock because she isn’t an addict.

Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Tell me your favorite quote! You can check out some of mine in the slideshow. Did Sherlock break your heart during this episode?