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'Elementary' 2x16 'The One Percent Solution': Lestrade and Holmes together again

Sherlock: “You seem upset. Do you have an aversion to cocks?”

Sherlock: "Pay no mind to Romulus and Remus. I am punishing them for their aggressive behavior. They will be fed as soon as they calm down."
Lestrade: "How about it, Holmes? Are you ready to match wits?"

Watson: “Not as a species. I have an aversion to these particular…you know what? I’m not twelve. I’m not calling them that. Feed your roosters.”

“The One Percent Solution” is tonight’s episode of “Elementary.” If you have yet to see tonight’s episode, beware of spoilers! To review the last case file, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. “Elementary” airs Thursday nights at 9 on CBS (KHOU).

Lestrade is back and currently working a new job. Sadly, at no point does Sherlock question why Lestrade calls himself the “security czar.” Personally I would have loved to hear Lestrade’s explanation. Given how their last interaction went down, it is surprising how cooperative Sherlock is in terms of working with Lestrade. He shares everything he has learned with Lestrade, and Sherlock only really withholds information during the part where he thinks that Lestrade might be involved. What would be great is to see a flashback of how Lestrade and Sherlock used to work together, before Lestrade starting taking credit for Sherlock’s findings. There are some things that are better seen then mentioned. There is not much talk of how they worked together before Lestrade got addicted to the spotlight. Did you enjoy seeing Lestrade again?

This is a great episode for Lestrade, especially concerning his relationship with Sherlock. Typically side characters don’t get this kind of attention and character development, especially not a good guy character. If it was a villain, then the writers might devote time to developing his or her character. Lestrade is simply an old colleague of Sherlock’s. Lestrade worries about what Sherlock might think of him. It shows that Lestrade has a high opinion of Sherlock and cares about what Sherlock thinks of him. What did you think of Lestrade during this episode?

The case plays second fiddle to the Lestrade storylines, which is fine. It’s an intriguing case, but there did not need to be more time spent on it. It is much more enjoyable to focus on the relationship between Lestrade and Sherlock. I’m still waiting for a scene with Lestrade and Bell discussing what it is like to work with Sherlock. Did you enjoy the case?

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