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Elektra takes the stage

Elektra as never before
Elektra as never before
Getty Promotional

I know what your thinking, but this is NOT Jennifer Garners Elektra. This is the story, how it was meant to be told. This is a story as old as time. One of vengeance and jealousy, family and foe. This is how Sophocles' tale was meant to be told.

So, bring your blankets, and your friends, to hear a tale be told in the Getty Villa outdoor theater. Still not convinced? Would Olympia Dukakis leading the chorus convince you? Truly this is not the leather-clad, CG-tale the big screen told. This is classic greek story-telling and poetry at its best.

The show will also feature a brand new translation of the poem, so those who may think they have seen all the "Elektra" there is to see, you would be wrong.

The show runs September-October 9. Playing at the Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman Theatre. Ticket information can be found online, or by calling (310) 440-7300