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Elegant looking pooch returned twice to New York City Animal Care

Beautiful Dexter (aka King) needs a family who will keep him and provide him a good home. Please share his story and help him find the home he deserves.
Beautiful Dexter (aka King) needs a family who will keep him and provide him a good home. Please share his story and help him find the home he deserves.
Urgent Dogs of New York City/ NYC AC&C

Dexter is a young, friendly neutered male brown and white pit bull mix just over a year old; how does a dog so beautiful and reported to be gentle wind up at New York City Animal Care and Control two times?

On April 1, when Dexter's name was King, his owners surrendered him because they couldn't afford a dog. When questioned about King's personality, they wrote:

"Loves to play, is very active, eats dry food and knows 'give paw'."

When Dexter was evaluated by a volunteer on April 8, who spent time with him, some of the observations included the following:

...King is still very much a puppy, and he's as playful and friendly as can be, especially when it comes to his fellow dogs. Large or small, every pooch who passes is met like a long-lost friend and while King's enthusiasm is a joy to behold, he remains calm and polite in his greetings; no jumping or hyperactivity at all. He gives hugs, enjoys petting and really loves butt rubs, bending into the classic 'banana' as his frantically wagging tail slaps against his side, and when it comes to good manners this youngster is an old pro! King keeps a tidy den, walks well on leash and seems very house trained; he sits for treats with no prompting before taking them so softly from my hand and he even gives paw on request."

Animal Control suggested Dexter be placed with an experience person, and in April he was adopted.

On August 13, Dexter was returned; this time his family surrendered him because they didn't have enough time. Dexter was nervous and tense, but still allowed people to handle him. Can you blame the dog? When inquiring about Dexter, please make sure to reference A0995435. He is currently at the Brooklyn facility of the New York City Animal Care and Control.

Dexter's status is listed as urgent. Over 5,500 posts since April when this dog's unlucky adoptions began, his plight has been shared, although his last family treated him as a disposable commodity by returning him to Animal Control.

Can anyone help Dexter?

Please follow the Facebook links by clicking here as animal advocates try to help.

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