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Electronics company announces it created crop circle

The much discussed Salinas crop formation
The much discussed Salinas crop formation

NVIDIA, a Calif-based computer graphics company, took responsibility Sunday for the creation of a much discussed crop circle resembling a computer chip. The corporation released statements indicating it hired a crew to make the formation located in a field near Salinas. According to the NVIDIA website, the corporation "hired some of the world’s best crop circle artists to put an image of our latest mobile processor in a barley field near Salinas, California, two hours south of San Francisco."

NVIDIA added, "We simply couldn’t think of any other way to explain that our new Tegra K1 processor, with 192 graphics cores, can do things no other technology — on this planet, at least — could."

The crop circle began attracting attention about a week ago when media outlets began publishing reports of the discovery of the formation. Details and sources of information were unclear, but that did not stop crop circle enthusiasts and others from speculating wildly, as observed by NVIDIA in its Sunday press release.

"While we were hoping to get the word out — we even created a video showing the crop circle’s discovery to spread the mystery and the fun — we didn’t realize how big this thing would get," NVIDIA explained. "The story quickly went global, with websites and television stations as far away as Mongolia and Hungary reporting the story.

"More than a few people told reporters they had a simple explanation for what they saw: aliens. And when the circle was plowed under by the farm’s owner, one commenter on a story posted to CNN even fretted that we just plowed under an integrated circuit more advanced than anything made by man."

The actuality of the circumstances involved the promotion of newly developed mobile processing technology. More information about NVIDIA products, services and marketing strategies is available on its website.

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