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Electronic Sriracha Festival in San Jose over Labor Day Weekend

The festival's logo
The festival's logo
Movable Feast

Sriracha. A name that's made the journey from niche condiment to household staple in the course of hardly a decade or so. A potent puree of chili, garlic, and vinegar, it's taken contemporary Asian-american cuisine by storm and shows no signs of anything but success.

Moveable Feast (at ), a local company known for pop-up events involving food trucks, has taken the Bay Area's techno loving tendencies to a new level and organized an Electronic Sriracha Festival. By which of course they mean crafting Sriracha-infused foods to feed fans of Electronic Dance Music in all its sordid variety.

I'm not a massive fan of electronic music on the whole, but I do have plenty in my collection. Hybrid, Noisia, Amon Tobin, Pendulum, Infected Mushroom... I'm going to advise keeping your ears open about this. If you're a music lover looking for a new genre to experience, an EDM lover looking for some new tunes, or a food lover looking to avoid cookie-cutter picnics and barbecues over Labor Day Weekend, I'd say it's worth paying attention to its development.

Not everyone agrees with me. The griefing has already started here, with “A Sriracha Rave Is My Version Of Hell”-

I'm willing to give this festival the benefit of the doubt. I'll even be there myself if I can.

The event's website says the following:

The 1st Annual Electronic Sriracha Festival (ESF) is coming to historic St. James Park in Downtown San Jose on Labor Day Weekend (Saturday, August 30th, 12 pm to 8 pm). This daytime celebration of the iconic hot sauce is spread over two city blocks of park space and will feature 40+ food trucks and tents. All dishes and drinks are accessibly priced at $6 or less. Visit SJ MADE Street Mart on the festival grounds for an array of locally produced goods.

Equal to the food is our three stages of electronic music. This friendly daytime dance party is curated by John Beaver, fresh from performing at Coachella and a rising star in the Bay Area's music scene. These 24 DJs and musicians represent the best in Bay Area-bred electronic music.

ESF is not your standard EDM festival. Our ticket prices don't need a payment plan. We have focused on local talent, local chefs, and local goods in an event that only could have originated from the Bay Area. Join us this Labor Day Weekend for the 1st Annual Electronic Sriracha Festival.”

The list of food offerings isn't up yet, but "120 Sriracha-themed dishes" are being advertised, so expect a fairly hefty spread. You can view the artists who will be performing (and also buy tickets) here- . Compared to your average concert tickets they're perfectly affordable, and while the food isn't going to be free, you aren't rolling the gastrointestinal dice when you go hunting for something to eat like you might at a brick and mortar venue.

Be prepared to spend money. This isn't like the Jpop Festival I covered last weekend. Expect it loud, expect a crowd, and expect them all to rock it proud.

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