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Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt for the Music Geek Who Has Everything

ThinkGeek has long been a fascinating resource of mostly useless, but almost always endearing techno-gag-gifts meant to impress the owner and his or her peers, yet retain some semblance of functionality. As a frequent visitor (and admirer) of the site, I found the recent addition of t-shirts that also serve as musical instruments to be amusing and potential Christmas gifts.

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

Let’s say you are walking through the mall and the background music hits a tune you like, and you start playing air guitar, face contortion and all. Well, now you can just start playing along using your shirt.
The Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt is available at for $29.99 US, but also needs 4 AAA batteries. It comes with magnetic picks and covers the main chords.

The list of features are quite impressive for what the shirt tries to accomplish. As taken from the ThinkGeek site:

Product Features

  • Belt out your favorite rock tunes on this t-shirt based real playable electric guitar
  • Great real rock sound
  • Play all major chords
  • Strum by waving the included magnetic pick over the strings
  • Mini guitar amp speaker clips to your belt
  • Volume goes to 11
  • Adjustable tone knob
  • Electronic components are easily removed from the shirt for washing
  • Includes two magnetic picks
  • Picks stick to speaker grill for easy storage
  • Requires 4 x AAA Batteries. Not included

Or perhaps you find yourself patting your chest (snare) and tummy (base) creating your own backbeat rhythm, mouthing along the ba-ba-da-ba’s. There’s a shirt for you, too. Not to be outdone, torso percussionists will enjoy the Electronic Drum Kit shirt, but don’t beat yourself up over it. Seven different drum sounds played with your hands thumping through a built-in speaker. For the music geek that has everything.