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Electronic 'Mother' to monitor your house: Shades of Hal in '2001 Space Odyssey'

Electronic Mother monitors your house like a real mother would. Company

An electronic “Mother” is a new monitoring device that reminds you of all the things a mother would usually remind you to do. This electronic monitoring systems is called simply “Mother” and it sounds about the closest thing yet to the robot Hal from the movie, “2001 A Space Odyssey.”

According to AFP via Yahoo on Jan. 6, this electronic Mother comes with tiny devices that can stick on to anything you want monitored from medication to the plants that need to be watered. These little devices are a type of “motion cookies” and called “magic sensors” by the company that makes Mother.

These sensors "monitor movement, temperature, patterns and more." When you attach one of the tiny cookies to the objects or devices that you want monitored they have a wireless connection to Mother (as seen above), which resembles a Russian nesting doll.

Mother can monitor up to 24 things in your home. It turns any home into a “Smart Home,” and it is really simple to use claims the start-up company from France,, that created the electronic Mother. Co-founder Rafi Haladjian describes Mother as:
"It's a very simple system that allows you to transform any object in everyday life into a connected device."

It sounds like the electronic Mother will give a busy real-life mother a hand. This monitoring device can even remind the kids to brush their teeth if they forgot to do so. As long as Mother doesn’t take over the household like Hal from “Space Odyssey” had the potential to do, maybe Mother could be a real help around the house!

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