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Electronic artist Geiko releases irresistible debut 'Aggressive'

Swiss artist Geiko
Photo from Facebook

The EDM scene seems like an all boys club when you consider some of its biggest hit makers (Skrillex, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris), but Geiko is looking to change that. The solo project of Swiss musician and producer Ámaris Wenzel, Geiko combines elements of electronic, dubstep, techno, synthpop, and goth to get her ethereal and haunting, dance centric sound. Her debut studio album “Aggressive” was released last month (July). Rather than relying on the same beats and rhythms and hoping the listener won't notice, the songs on this LP are little journeys in themselves. Some are trippy (“Dancing with the Mushrooms”) while others are haunting (“Aggressive”). The one constant that links the tracks together are they're all meant for dancing.

Geiko shows off her distinct voice on tracks like “You're My Highway” and “Katana” where she sounds haunting and ominous. Fans of The Cure may be drawn to the latter song since the opening riff is similar to their hit “A Forest.” Here, she also sounds threatening as she echos “I'll cut off your f***ing head.” The upbeat and catchy track “The Music” has an infectious synthpop beat that gets you moving. What's interesting here is the music is reminiscent of mid-80s Depeche Mode. The mood grows dark and heavy on the sensual “Look at Me” while “Quantumedusa” is a rush a beeps, boops, and squeals all aimed toward the listener. Elements of dubstep are used on “Blade Ride” giving it a really harsh and rough sound that catches your ear and takes you on a ride. Incorporating elements from different types of electronic music along with her eerie vocals makes Geiko's music intriguing and infectious. With her innovative approach and pulsating songs she'll be hanging with the big boys in no time.

“Aggressive” is out now. You can stream the album on Soundcloud. To learn more about Geiko, visit her website. Make sure to also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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